Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions

16. How can I restore a file/folder to an alternate location?

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First, if
you're on Leopard 10.5.x, be sure you have the "action" or "gear" icon in your Finder's toolbar (Finder > View > Customize Toolbar).  If there's no toolbar, click the lozenge at the upper-right of the Finder window's title bar.  If the Action icon isn’t there, click View > Customize Toolbar from the menubar and drag it in.

Then Enter Time Machine, locate and select the desired
item in the Finder window as in question #15  and control-click (right-click) it (on Leopard, click the "gear" icon), then select the Restore <item selected> to ... option.

Then you'll see a prompt where you can select a location, and TM will place it there.

To use the backups from a different Mac, see question #17.


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